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I am a Ph.D. student in Professor Jiawei Han’s Data Mining Group at the Computer Science Department of UIUC. Before that, I was a member of the Knowledge Engineering Group (KEG) of Tsinghua University, supervised by Professor Jie Tang. I was a research intern in Cornell University in 2016, working with Professor Thorsten Joachims and his group.

I’m obsessed with exciting problems on natural language understanding and information extraction from unstructured data, along with learning problems related to human decisions. Please feel free to drop me an email on any interesting topics!


Efficient Contextualized Representation: Language Model Pruning for Sequence Labeling
Liyuan Liu, Xiang Ren, Jingbo Shang, Xiaotao Gu, Jian Peng and Jiawei Han. (EMNLP’18) [code&data]

Learning Named Entity Tagger using Domain-Specific Dictionary
Jingbo Shang, Liyuan Liu, Xiaotao Gu, Xiang Ren, Teng Ren and Jiawei Han. (EMNLP’18) [code&data]

End-to-End Reinforcement Learning for Automatic Taxonomy Induction
Yuning Mao, Xiang Ren, Jiaming Shen, Xiaotao Gu, Jiawei Han. (ACL’18) [code&data]

Web User Profiling using Data Redundancy
Xiaotao Gu, Hong Yang, Jie Tang*, Jing Zhang. (ASONAM’16)
(BEST STUDENT PAPER RUNNER-UP) [code&data] [Extended Journal]

Large-scale Validation of Counterfactual Learning Methods: A Test-Bed,
D. Lefortier and A. Swaminathan and X. Gu and T. Joachims and M. de Rijke NIPS Workshop on “Inference and Learning of Hypothetical and Counterfactual Interventions in Complex Systems”, 2016. [code&data]


Scholar Gender Prediction
We developed a coarse toy for gender inference based on name and affiliation. Using Google results only, we easily outperform traditional ways, where an existing name list for each gender is used. Thanks Hong for setting up the web page. Have fun and welcome to send me bug reports!

Download and parse Google search page in batch, python package.


2017.8 - present

PhD Student, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, supervised by Professor Jiawei Han

2016.7 - 2016.9
Research Intern, Cornell University, working with Professor Thorsten Joachims
2015.6 - 2015.8
Engineering Intern, Yitu Corporation
2013.9 - 2017.6
Knowledge Engineering Group, Tsinghua University, supervised by Professor Jie Tang


2018.1 - Present
CS412 Introduction to Data Mining (Coursera), UIUC
2016.9 - 2017.1
Software Engineering, Tsinghua University